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“Frolicky Foot Free” is a poem about a cardinal that experiences a pause-point-life-snag right in the midst of her frolicky flow.  This story is inspired by how my Aunt Grace is enduring the aftermath intricacies of a stroke.  She chose the cardinal as our “bird with a word to be heard.”  As the matriarch of our family, Grace’s journey of fear, faith, hope, resilience, patience, perseverance, forgiveness, humor, connection and grace has “graced” us with the depths of what human being means when love and wisdom radiate our pause-point-life-snags.  All of these themes have empowered her, and the spirit of her frolicky flow has not wavered.  Both on the shores and in the surf of this flow she is discovering the artful dance of drawing and painting. We invite you to embrace the pause-point-life-snags that present themselves in your life too, and flutter-putter-utter through our book in your own frolicky flow. We hope this book will bring breaths of fresh air to your experiences past, present and future.  Note the tetrameter (pulse of four) rhythm when reading the poem. Flap your wings and feel the beat gracing!

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