Jessica A. Barnum

Jessica (Jessie B., Ms. Jess) has loved teaching English & Reading, yoga and biking to her students over the years, in both Vermont and Colorado.  She loves writing poetry, plays & stories, biking of all sorts, hiking, skiing & snowboarding, yoga, Reiki, gardening, cooking and exploring new sites. It is her livelihood to adventure and blossom in this world with her husband and his children, family, friends, colleagues and her former and current students.  She dearly loves the people in her life, and finds it magical how the spirituality and love that radiates from connection breathes abundantly and eternally. Her inspiration for writing comes from playful, reflective time with nature, literature of all sorts, dreams, intuitive stirrings, observations of animals and people’s experiences and stories. You will often find Jessica on a bicycle, hugging trees or talking to deer and birds, especially owls lit up by the full moon. 

Grace L. Barnum

Grace worked with young children and families addressing autism after a career in business.  Having been educated at Syracuse University and graduating from Stone College prepared her for the business world, yet Grace learned that working with kids was her preference. As a mother of a daughter and a son and a grandmother of four, all they have brought to her helped her realize the gift of working with children. Most decidedly, Grace is a typical grandmother completely devoted to her four grandchildren and her self-proclaimed awesome family no matter what. She spent many years with her Portuguese Water Dogs. She states that one was a rascal and one very sweet. In her spare time, she embarked on many trips to her beloved Ecuador and still has dear friends there. Much time has been devoted to St. James Episcopal Church where she lives out her deepening spiritual life.

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